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Sources works with you to develop the competencies your people need to ensure the success of your business. Through conversations with you, we listen to your story. We help you sort out what’s working and what’s not. We assess the strengths, lacks and learning needs of the individuals and work groups of concern to you. Armed with our knowledge of best practices and innovative approaches, we help you select learning interventions realistic for your culture. Our goal is to strengthen the individual competencies that bring the business results you want.

We carefully select the Alliance Partners with whom we work to be expert, honest and genuinely concerned for your company’s success. All are specialists we trust to develop the essential competencies needed for exceptional performance in today’s business world.

We help you to choose and establish a solid relationship with provider(s) chosen for your unique needs. We manage that relationship to assure that the classroom instruction, E-learning solutions, materials, training and consulting are customized, and a good fit with your organization. We coordinate the service delivery schedule, participate in the interfaces with consultants and trainers and assist you with internal marketing and follow-up to interventions. We make sure that the promises made are delivered and your expectations are met. We help you decide each and every “next step” along the way.