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SOURCES for Human Resources, Inc. is a customer-first service organization. We find best-fit skills development and consulting providers for organizations who want to boost their business performance through the power of their people. Our clients cover a cross section of all industries and range from Fortune 1000 companies to mid-sized organizations.

Global competition is causing continual business shifts. The workplace has fewer layers of management, complex structures and multiple generations of workers. Work is project-based and done largely by cross-functional and virtual teams. Young talent is leaving, Boomers are retiring and the mantra in most organizations is, "do more with less."

Whether the need is getting things through influence, negotiating for practically everything, honing the multi-disciplinary skills of managers, building the strengths and passions of leaders, forming trusting coaching relationships, facilitating action-taking conversations or other workplace actions, it is the competence of the people that matters most.

SOURCES understands how training impacts productivity and profitability. We help you choose from a suite of market-tested learning solutions specially designed to strengthen the leadership, management and employee competencies your organization defines as essential. We help you create high-performance work environments to achieve your business goals. Employees of all skill levels are given the tools and training to improve their individual performance and contribute to their organization's success.

SOURCES believes business objectives are achieved when organizations develop the necessary competencies i.e., the skills, knowledge and attributes of their people. Top performing organizations take a business-centered perspective on human resource management. They consider the entire workforce as talent and link business and people strategies to multiply their chances for business success. When employees are engaged in developing, strengthening and utilizing their competencies, they stay longer and work smarter to improve business performance.

SOURCES believes the formula for extraordinary performance is unique to each organization. We don't arrive with ready-made solutions; we don't ask questions to make sales. We ask questions to make sure that everything we bring to you achieves the results you want. The solutions we offer have to fit your company's, strategy, structure and culture.