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We offer a suite of market-tested competency learning alternatives specially designed to strengthen the leadership, management and employee competencies your organization defines as essential for achieving success.

Mastery Works

MasteryWorks builds and implements integrated career development systems and solutions that address career planning, employee engagement, retention, development, knowledge transfer, redeployment, employment branding, diversity/ workforce inclusion, and on-boarding.

The Learning Café

The Learning Café designs and develops training on bridging workplace generation gaps, mentoring, and change management and other customized learning solutions that support personal growth and produce business results. Their custom-designed options include workshops, conference breakouts, keynote speeches, large-scale learning events, mentoring initiatives, and team-building activities.


TalentKeepers® builds the culture and processes that keep your best talent, boost productivity, and drive organizational excellence with award-winning solutions in Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, On-Boarding, Leadership Development, and other key talent management areas.

The Lumi Company

The LUMI Company, LLC, specializes in reeducating and transforming your managers into 21st century Strategic Managers, able to manage today’s multi-generational employees in the new economy. LUMI’s highly engaging and interactive pragmatic 4-hour workshops facilitated by LUMI Company training consultants deal with participants’ real-life issues.

Vengel Consulting

Vengel Consulting Group, Inc. delivers a series of cutting edge and powerful skill-building workshops, to make people more persuasive and influential and able to negotiate the outcome of events in any organization. In order for people to succeed in the flattened hierarchy of the modern corporate environment, people can no longer assume they have power over others – they must earn it through influence. The contemporary workplace also requires constant collaboration with workgroups, teams, suppliers, and customers where often the key skill for success involves negotiation, influence or both.