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SOURCES only agenda is to ensure your success. Although we represent a number of training and consulting solution providers, our aim is to make our own independent assessment of the issues you face, the problems you want to solve or the opportunities you want to exploit. With years of experience in engaging in conversations with executives, managers and human resource professionals in practically every industry, we’ve learned how to ask the right questions and share the many alternatives and options our clients have implemented in their situation. We share what works and what we’ve learned that is unlikely to work. Because we are independent, we don’t try to force-fit the solutions of a particular provider to your situation. We promise that if none of the providers we currently represent are right for you, we will tell you so and help you find the right resource.

SOURCES only works with subject matter experts who devote their time to creating, strengthening and developing their expertise and perfecting their craft. They have chosen SOURCES, an independent distributor and partner, to represent them in the marketplace. They rely on SOURCES to bring them to you only when the solutions they offer fit your culture and budget. Along with you, they value and benefit from our active independent “third party” involvement in meeting your needs.
At SOURCES, we receive our compensation only from the expert providers we bring to your organization. You do not pay more when SOURCES is involved. You pay nothing additional for the professionals at SOURCES to:

  • Interact with you and others in your organization to understand your specific challenges and organizational culture.
  • Help you choose specific courses, consultants and interventions that are the "right fit." for your organization.
  • Act in your behalf to manage the relationship between you and the consultants to manage the details and accelerate the process every step of the way.
  • Be your “sounding board" and “personal shopper” for exploring ideas on training programs and learning solutions for needs and issues that arise.
  • Save you the time and expense necessary to increase your capacity to investigate the many performance solutions available in the marketplace.

We are partners with you, our clients and the expert providers we bring to you. You are assured performance improvement results from interventions because of our ongoing pre-and post-project support.